Trilogy Entertainment Group Inc. is a multi-tiered corporation with three separate divisions.

1. Backstage Productions International - the management / production / distribution division

2. Trilogy Records International - the recording music division

3. Backstage Music Publishing, Melmar and Star Satellite Music Publishing (SOCAN) - the music publishing division

The company was founded in 1970 and has developed an international reputation through it's artist management, concert production and recorded music interests. The corporation is based in Toronto, Canada and also has an office in Paris, France.

With the advances in new media technologies, the company has been focusing its efforts on developing audio and video related material with an emphasis on music. The company excels in marketing and has been able to effectively implement multi-layering into the marketing of its interests and activities, garnering the company global success.

For more information, contact us at Tel:416-291-4913 or Toll Free: 1-877-591-4913 or please email Steve Thomson