Steve Thomson began his career as a musician playing guitar in the Canadian rock group "Fat Chance". In addition to playing guitar in the band, he also handled the business affairs for the group. After a degree of local success, he left the band and became the full time manager for the group. As well as representing Fat Chance, he handled 25 other groups which he booked coast to coast in Canada, making a reputation for himself and his company as a talent agency.

In the 70's he formed Trilogy Records to release product by the key artists he worked with. Some of the artists that recorded and were released on Trilogy included Ronnie Hawkins, Latoya Jackson, Reckless, Kids, Rolls Royce, J K Gulley, The Band, Jeff Healey, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Larry Gowan, Phantom Black, David Bacha, Kimberley Richards, Patti Jannetta, Bai Bang, Danny Brooks, David Hutchins, Uranus and many others. The label is distributed throughout the world and has had considerable success in the far east.

In the late 70's, Ronnie Hawkins asked Thomson to be his manager, a relationship that lasted 18 years. During this period Thomson proved his worth as a manager, producer and promoter. Thomson has always been associated with major international projects. He produced what some say is the biggest export initiative in the history of the Canadian pop/rock music business, when he staged Canada Rocks Cannes, a concert event that was presented at MIDEM in Cannes, France. The event became the bench mark for MIDEM showcases. 

He has produced some very successful television concerts including Let It Rock which features Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, The Band, Jeff Healey, Lawrence Gowan and Ronnie Hawkins; Mr. Thomson made his Directorial debut in 2005 with the highly acclaimed "Award Winning" documentary "Let It Rock At The Crossroads Of Rock 'N' Roll" which has caught the attention of music enthusiasts around the world and receiving rave reviews from critics as well as an endorsement from the Smithsonian Institutions Rock 'N' Soul Museum in Memphis, Tennessee. Also the documentary's merits were honored with an Accolade Award.

Accolade Award Press Release

Some of his other impressive projects include a documentary and CD for Asian Super Star Manee; a camera animated children's television series titled "Find Your Own Magic"; as well as 130 hours of "The Gathering Place" television series for the world renowned culinary guru Graham Kerr, formerly known as "The Galloping Gourmet".

In addition to his day to day businesses, Mr. Thomson has worked in the music industry serving on many boards including CARAS, The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Science, the organization which produces Canada's largest and most prestigious award show - The JUNO Awards. During his tenure he headed up The Country Music Advisory Committee. He continues to serve on CIRPA, The Canadian Independent Record Production Association, where he has worked diligently producing a number of successful fund raisers including CDs titled "The Best Of Canadian Rock" and "The Best Of Canadian Country".

The following article by freelance journalist Mike Beggs, although dated, is an interesting take on Thomson's career.

Mike Beggs article on Steve Thomson